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It ain’t rocket science to decipher that the Time you spend on social media is pretty similar to what your target audience is spending online!

What is Paid Social

It ain’t rocket science to decipher that the Time you spend on social media is pretty similar to what your target audience is spending online! As the old adage goes Time is money!, more the Time spent online by prospective clients, more the chances of online purchases! That is why major companies’ amount of money spent on paid social media ads has been steadily climbing.

Paid Social media ads are one of the most potent ways your brand can reach out to current and prospective clients. Social media as an advertising tool offers unparalleled choices in scope, flexibility, and client responsiveness. Building brand recognition online is a time-consuming process, but the benefits last for a more extended period. Online platforms are continuously proliferating, and generating engaging and enticing online ads across multiple platforms is not a cakewalk.

The Paid Media Agency Edge

We at Paid Media Agency believe that when you invest in a paid social media campaign for your online business, you expect a sustainable return on investment with increased traffic and conversions irrespective of the quantum of budget. Only then would you be willing to scale your paid social campaigns in the future. Our team of experts first understands your business thoroughly so that we create an authentic, sparkling social media voice for your brand. As a paid media agency, our assistance and advice shall be available at every stage of designing your online ad campaign to creating a comprehensive and customized social media plan for your business. Based upon the demography, gender, interests, and behaviors, we employ precision targeting to devise online paid ads so that your brand gets maximum exposure in front of the targeted audience. We even test time of day or week adjustments, refining your ad creatives to ensure your social marketing ads investment pays dividends.
Paid Social promotion

Paid Social Advertising platforms we work with include

Facebook Ads

As a certified Facebook advertising agency,our precision-built campaigns capture the target audience’s attention by stopping scrolling in its tracks. Not only this, by choosing appropriate ad formats such as carousel ads, image ads, play in feed videos and even event ads, we have your back covered when it comes to facebook ads.

Instagram ads

One of the fastest-growing social media networks and platforms where users tend to pay attention to more brands than any other social network. We have the expertise of creating Instagrammable Business to Customer ads with strong visual appeal and crisp message that perform exceptionally well with your targeted audience!

LinkedIn Ads

Posting ads on the worlds largest professional network provides an opportunity to B2B advertisers to target decision-making individuals., based on job profile, company name, even seniority. Since it is a B2B platform solely, members here have a professional mindset, open to learning and exploring new territories that will benefit their company. We offer sophisticated customizable campaigns to meet your specific market demands.

Twitter Ads

Promoting tweets with Twitter Ads help to help brand amplification, increase engagement and drive traffic to your website as 330 million global users provides a plethora of opportunities for businesses to communicate with their customers and advertise their brand at the same time.

YouTube Ad

A platform with more than a billion unique users worldwide adds up to a phenomenal amount of time spent on it. We are skilled in creating video creatives for YouTube advertising to increase your brand visibility and increase traction.

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