Content Writing and Marketing Services

At Paid Media Agency, we believe that Content creates the foundation for every digital marketing
strategy available to your online business.

Content Writing and Marketing

At Paid Media Agency, we believe that Content creates the foundation for every digital marketing strategy available to your online business. Only quality content in a structured and coherent way can engage an audience, drive traffic to your website and helps you create industry authority. The Content should resonate with your audience and make your brand stand out from the crowd! Our content writers are experts in producing SEO optimized landing pages, crisp Content for social messaging and awe inspiring Paid Ads.

Why you need Content Writing

Our brainstorming process involves getting a deep understanding of your business and your target audience so that the Content ideas match the desired results. Our web development team can help you in creating visually appealing Content that fetches engagement online. Once the Content is published, we move on to the Content Marketing service, wherein we focus on the target audience to generate traffic to your website.

We, at Paid Media Agency, believe that engaging Content means


Fresh, relevant, and creative Content can magnify your SEO efforts in ways you can’t even imagine. Generating leads, building engagement, engrossing Content can increase the authority of your brand.

Performance Driven

We understand that your Content needs to generate a healthy return on investment for your business. We agree upon certain KPIs with the client to keep campaigns on track and use onsite analytics, organic links, and social metrics. In addition, we monitor the engagement level, which helps to refine our strategies continuously.

Audience decides the Content

Based upon audience age, demography, gender etc. and analyzing their online purchase behavior, we devise long term, measurable approach to content creation.

Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is selling without selling – you are sensitizing your audience with a glimpse of your brand and make them realize that they want to use your service. Our content marketing services focus on audience expansion, which includes creating audiences for paid social and display remarketing. Also, through data analytics, we get enhanced value from SEO content tactics. Our campaign planning process involves setting clear objectives and measurable goals which underpin your campaign. Through brand analysis, our primary focus is “what should be your brand projecting about itself”? The PR campaign run by our experts focuses on creative communication for your potential audience across multiple online platforms.

Content Marketing Process involves


Our content marketing specialists brainstorm content ideas, validate with influencers, improve upon the concepts, and craft effective strategies to implement them.


Our expert SEO team will optimize Content, our PR team will assist you in finding the new hooks, and our paid media team ensures that everything is trackable.


Based upon the content brief we receive from you, we create the design, copy, and technical aspects of the idea.


Promotion strategy involves employing a mix of owned, earned, and paid channels to promote the Content, thus ensuring maximum exposure to your target audience. We believe in building and keep building- the audiences for your brand.
Content Marketing Process

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